Winter 2018

We meet on Mondays from 2:30-3:30 in Padelford C-301, which is the Statistics conference room. We will focus on the book "Statistics for Spatio-Temporal Data" by Cressie and Wikle (2011). In particular we plan to focus on dynamical spatio-temporal models. However, we will accommodate other people's interests if they would like to present on a different topic, such as for a paper or software related to spatial-temporal applications.


The following is the current schedule of topics and presenters. We will continue the sign up process over the first few meetings of the quarter.




Jan 8 -- Scheduling discussion
Jan 15 No Meeting
Jan 22 John Best Intro and dynamical models (focus on Chpt 3.2, but also some of Chpt 2)
Jan 29 Johnny Paige Chapter 7 [SLIDES]
Feb 5 Jim Faulkner Chapters 5 [SLIDES]
Feb 12 Serge Aleshin-Guendel Chapters 6 [SLIDES]
Feb 19 No Meeting
Feb 26 Peter Gao and Max Schneider Chapter 9 example 9.2 and associated paper: [Cressie et al (2010)]
Mar 5 Discussion on topics for next quarter


We will focus on the following book:

  • Cressie, N., and C. K. Wikle. 2011. Statistics for spatial-temporal data. John Wiley & Sons.
  • Links to book: Wiley Publishing Website; Amazon; Google Books
  • Note that we will try to make sure everyone has a copy of the reading material if they don't have access to the book

Additional Resources

  • Cressie, N., and C. K. Wikle. 2011. Statistics for spatial-temporal data. John Wiley & Sons
  • Banerjee, S., B. P. Carlin, and A. E. Gelfand. 2015. Hierarchical modeling and analysis for spatial data. . Second edition. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group.
  • Gelfand, A. E., P. Diggle, P. Guttorp, and M. Fuentes (Eds.). 2010. Handbook of spatial statistics. CRC Press.
  • Rue, H., and L. Held. 2005. Gaussian Markov random fields: theory and applications. Chapman & Hall/CRC.

Assorted Space-Time Links